Thermal Management Design
Thermal & Fluid Flow Analysis
Airflow / Thermal Experiments
Contamination Inspection and Testing
Characterization of Semiconductor Components


We offer the following thermal management services: high-level thermal consulting and thermal architecture, design optimization, CFD simulations, design and construction of test vehicles, thermal and air flow testing, electronic contamination inspection and testing, and characterization of semiconductor components.

We offer our experience in component modeling, characterization of consumer and commercial electronic enclosures, battery pack design and analysis, HVAC systems and data centers. Our engineers are highly skilled in design, selection, testing and modeling of cooling-plates, heat spreaders, fans, pumps, fin, heat exchangers, heat-pipes, and two-phase flow cooling systems.

Our clients can utilize our solid experience in setting-up, building and exporting reduced order models (ROM) or artificial neural network models (ANN) to create real-time system level model of complex cyber-physical systems.