Thermal Management Design

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Airflow / Thermal Experiments

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Thermal Management Design


We work with our customers from the initial concept stage through the final system testing stage. This end-to-end focus ensures that critical design issues are resolved in a timely manner and that the cost of the design is managed effectively. In many cases we are able to reduce the cost of prototype testing and its impact on schedule.

At the early design stages, we review a customer’s design concepts, perform feasibility studies, carry out risk assessments, complete a high-level analysis of cooling requirements, and provide architectural-level consulting. At the system level, we can determine air flow requirements, recommend air movers, and address plenum requirements. Our recommendations are based on a careful analysis of the thermal load, power density, space available for cooling, and system impedance. Our analysis and recommendations include an assessment of package and board requirements.

We address package selection, component placement, and heat sink requirements, as well as high performance cooling solutions if they’re needed. Manufacturing and cost issues are taken into consideration in each of the solutions we recommend.