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Thermal & Fluid Flow Analysis

For precise analysis, ECS uses state-of-the art computational software programs. FLoTHERM, FloTHERM XT and Icepak are used by our engineers to perform thermal and airflow modeling. All are effective computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools for completing the thermal analysis at any stage of the design cycle.

At the early stage of a design, we can identify and resolve thermal issues rapidly using these tools. Early, up-front analysis is important in order to have cost-effective cooling approaches with the least impact to the rest of the system’s design requirements.


  • Provides a platform for quick evaluation of cooling designs and problems without the need for physical hardware
  • Offers a graphical 3D thermal analysis that solves for conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer
  • Models both the air flow and heat transfer in a system
  • Aids in understanding the cooling requirements of the product
  • Enables rapid design optimization and parametric studies
  • Simplifies the evaluation process of new hardware that must be housed in an existing platform