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Characterization of Semiconductor Components


Characterization of Semiconductor Components


The T3ster Transient Thermal Measurement equipment gives ECS the capability for fast, accurate testing and characterization of semiconductor components.

The T3ster equipment is capable of measuring the real time transient thermal responses directly on the component die. Coupled with advanced analysis software this data can be used to generate ‘structure’ functions. The structure functions reveal the thermal resistance of each object in the heat flow path and can pinpoint changes such as delamination or voids in the die attach. The T3ster can be used for a range of test applications:

Component Characterization:

  • ICs, LED’s, IGBT, power transistors etc
  • RθJC measurement according to JEDEC JESD 51-14
  • In-situ component characterization within actual environment.
  • Dynamic Compact Thermal Model (DCTM) generation and verification
  • Thermal interface material (TIM) characterization & thermal conductivity measurement
  • Packaging qualification testing

Reliability Studies:

  • Non-destructive failure analysis
  • Thermal cycling / ageing of components and Die attach, TIM degradation