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Airflow / Thermal Experiments

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Airflow / Thermal Experiments

ECS has lab facilities to complement our analytical and modeling tools and our other thermal consulting resources. Our test facilities are used for prototype testing as well as design-driven experimental work.

ECS has the necessary test equipment and expertise to make volumetric airflow, air velocity and temperature measurements. Airflow can be measured over a range of 0.3 to 4000 CFM.

Performance testing of fans and blowers, impedance measurement of filters, perforated plates and other materials used to ensure EMC and safety compliance can be easily done in our lab, as well.

Our team has the expertise and access to resources to conduct tests at high and low temperature conditions, and simulated high altitude conditions. We have expertise and access to acoustic testing resources and can provide our customers with sound pressure and sound power measurements per ISO 7779.


Volumetric Air Flow Measurements

  • Airflow through systems and assemblies
  • Impedance characterization of filters, screens, assemblies
  • Performance characterization of fans and blowers

Air Velocity Measurements

  • Quantify airflow at specific locations
  • Experimental evaluation of airflow distribution

Temperature Measurements

  • Case / component, enclosure, and air temperatures using thermocouples and automated data acquisition
  • Thermal resistance and junction temperature measurements using resistor and diode test chips
  • Elevated temperature and simulated high altitude measurements

Component Characterization

  • Single and Tandem Fan Testing: Evaluate potential aero and efficiency performance enhancement of the fan chassis enclosure through empirical characterization of single & multiple fan configurations, in open and in-situ conditions, with and without inter-stage flow straighteners
  • CPU heat sinks: Carry out thermal performance characterization and validation test work.
  • DIMMs: Carry out thermal performance characterization and validation test work.
  • Liquid-Air Rack Heat Exchangers: Carry out air fluid flow characterization for the air-side of rack, system, and module level liquid-air heat exchangers.