Thermal Management Design
Thermal & Fluid Flow Analysis
Flow / Thermal Experiments

Finite Element Analysis

Contamination Inspection and Testing
Characterization of Semiconductor Components
Finite Element Analysis

  • Ph.D. level staff with broad expertise in analysis for design and failure analysis.
  • Analysis capabilities that can align with all aspects of DFSS, DfM, FMEA, and reliability calculations.
  • Simulation capabilities of thermal, stress, thermal-stress, shock, vibration, drop test, fracture mechanics, and multi-physics analysis.
  • Simulation tools such as ANSYS, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, Simcenter3D, and Comsol, with geometry import in all mainstream CAD and ECAD formats.
  • Experience with size scales from on-chip stress in inner-layer-dielectrics (ILD) and through-silicon vias (TSVs), to package, board, and chassis levels.
  • Services include:
    • Package design optimization per thermal, stress, cost, weight, and reliability requirements, among others. Includes performance comparison of different materials: molding, underfill, solder alloy, laminate substrate core and buildup materials, etc.
    • Failure analysis, modeling, and prediction.
    • Failure modes include delamination and crack growth due to temperature cycling and/or static and transient stress.
    • The simulations may be supplemented by testing performed by a network of commercial labs.
    • Examples:
      • SEM + EDS analysis of sectioned components
      • Shadow MoirĂ© warpage tests;
      • Mechanical testing of materials and components
      • Ultrasonic mapping of delamination


Structural, stress analysis, thermo-mechanical, thermal stress/Residual Analysis

  • Applications
    • Structures and components
    • Server rack frames
    • Structure, structural joints (bolts, rivets), hinges
    • Heat exchangers piping joints
    • Rotary machines
  • Physics and solution types
    • Linear stress analysis
    • Material and geometric nonlinear stress analysis
    • Thermal stress
    • Creep analysis
    • Buckling analysis
    • Hygroscopic analysis
    • Fatigue analysis

Multiphysics, Thermal stress & Durability analysis

  • Applications
    • Chips and packages
    • Solder ball at different scales
    • Stress analysis due to curing – potting, epoxy, etc.
    • Heating elements
    • Electro-migration
  • Physics and solution types
    • Multiphysics electro-thermo-mechanical
    • Thermal stress
    • Residual stress due to the process
    • CTE mismatch
    • Viscoelasticity and visco-plasiticity, & creep
    • Fatigue analysis

Shock and Vibration, Drop test Analysis

  • Applications
    • Consumer products drones, phones etc.
    • Electronic modules
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Energy storage (battery, fuel cell) modules
    • Server racks and frames
    • Medical Devices
  • Physics and solution types
    • Resonance frequency analysis and identification
    • Eigen strain analysis (preliminary design analysis) for failure site locations
    • Vibration and shock analysis
    • Drop test analysis
    • Fatigue analysis